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Long Lake Camp recognizes that more and more people are developing allergies that cause anaphylactic reactions and some of these cases can be extremely severe. Anaphylaxis is a sudden life-threatening allergic reaction that occurs when a person is exposed to an allergycausing substance (allergen). We seek to reduce the risk of anaphylactic reactions at LLC by becoming an "allergen aware" environment.

LLC staff members are trained in the understanding of high risk allergens. Specific emphasis is placed upon understanding allergies that we are aware of people having who are coming to LLC.

​​​Long Lake Camp

Adventure with a Purpose


Long Lake Camp (LLC) is all about kids. We are continually adding events to make the camping experience a fun filled adventure. They are able to experience camping, playing games, crafts, learning new things, hearing about Jesus and how He is a friend to all.  They can leave the problems of the world at home for a day camp, or 5 days of joy with councilors who have the same appreciation of camp. Provide your child with the experience to see what campfires, singsongs, playing in the lake, vespers at Angel Point and camp sleepovers are all about. That is what the camp's purpose is: love and fun memories, and sometimes life changing experiences. Every child, Christian or not, is welcome here.  We have campers from cadets, youth groups, junior fire fighters, community groups and others looking for camping adventure fun.

We recommend that you pack with your child's help. Involve them in the process of choosing what to bring so that they can identify their own belongings. Labelling everything is also very helpful. 

Clothing Policy. Long Lake Camp maintains a dress code consistent with schools in the region: Shirts should be modest - no spaghetti straps, strapless shirts, or shirts that show midriff. Bathing suits are to be modest one-piece.

We have been asked to share our love of Jesus with all. We need to live a way that promises all a blessed life and the promise of a heavenly world where we are all loved and share all that this great world has for us. It is living our lives for God in the way that Jesus has asked us to live.

If you are confused with this, just think of the confusion each child has that is living in this world where money, many Facebook friends, or a perfect look gives them a higher place in life. NOT AT CAMP. At Long Lake Camp we will strive to ensure each one has the opportunity to be a child, and talk to others that have the time to share love and joy and learn all about what camp has to offer. 

Long Lake Camp is owned by God, entrusted to the board of directors, run by the director and the many staff hired as well as volunteers, but designed for your child. LLC is a non-profit charitable organization supported by the Lunenburg/Queens Association of Baptist churches as well as women’s missionary groups, your community groups, and individuals who care for and support our youth. Your child is the next generation of leaders in our life. Let us help them be transformed into young adults that care about each person around them as well as our planets future.         

So, who are you entrusting your child to? William (Royce) Getson living with the love of my life and wife Alice, next door to our mom.  I have this great opportunity to share all I have learned in life with your child. I was in the military for 18 years, owned my own business for 18 years, am a Deacon in our church, run the church food bank, was the caretaker for Long Lake for 4 years, LLC board president for a year, and I am now attending Acadia Divinity College taking a Certificate in Ministerial Studies.  This is a program that allows me to learn to be a Pastor and share at the same time. 

I look forward to meeting each of you who come to camp, as well as helping each one have an experience that will stay with them to share with many forever.

Royce Getson

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